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The State of Email Security 2023

Mimecast’s seventh annual State of Email Security report comes as organizations all over the world grow more skittish over rising economic volatility and intensifying geopolitical tensions. Now is definitely not the time to become lax on cybersecurity. Mimecast_The_State_of_Email_Security_Report_2023
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Global Threat Landscape Report – Fortinet

The threat landscape and organizations’ attack surfaces are constantly transforming. And the ability of cybercriminals to quickly design and adapt their techniques to exploit this evolving environment continues to pose significant risks to businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or geography. threat-report-1h-2023
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Organizational Information Systems

La ricerca si occupa dei sistemi informativi organizzativi. Esempi di tali sistemi sono i sistemi di intelligence, i sistemi di comunicazione, i sistemi informativi gestionali, i sistemi di supporto alle decisioni e i sistemi di controllo amministrativo. Lo studio è destinato a tre tipi di professionisti: quelli che studiano le organizzazioni, quelli che progettano i…
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