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Email Virus – Complete Guide to Email Viruses Plus Best Practices

You’re probably familiar with computer viruses and the unpleasant consequences they can have for users, but are you aware of the serious implications that an infection could have for your company? Computer viruses are extremely prevalent and can compromise sensitive information, destroy data, harm hardware and waste copious amounts of time, resources and energy. User-downloaded…
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Email security e Intelligenza Artificiale

Le innovazioni nell’Intelligenza Artificiale hanno radicalmente cambiato lo scenario della sicurezza della posta elettronica negli ultimi anni eppure, ancora oggi, può essere difficile determinare e comprendere ciò che rende un sistema di AI diverso dall’altro. In realtà, al di sotto del più ampio e generale ambito applicativo di questa incredibile tecnologia, esistono significative differenze tra…
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Proofpoint – The Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide

A People-Centric Approach to Stopping Malware, Phishing, and Email Fraud Email is organisations’ most essential business tool—and today’s top malware delivery vector. It has become fertile ground for the most damaging cyber threats and all kinds of fraud,the channel where cyber attackers are most likely to compromise their targets.They trick users into clicking on an…
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