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National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

The 750-page report offers more than 60 recommendations for how the U.S. could become the world leader in developing and deploying AI technologies as well as how to counter threats that leverage AI, including disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks by nation-states. Full-Report-Digital-1
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The 2021 Cyber Security Report shows how hackers and criminals exploited COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to target all business sectors and highlights the key tactics used, from cloud exploits to phishing and ransomware. It also gives cyber-security professionals and C-Level executives the information they need to protect their organizations against these advanced fifth-generation cyber-attacks and threats.…
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Exprivia Threat Intelligence Report

La CyberSecurity si distingue da molte altre scienze in quanto i reali competitor non sono coloro che forniscono soluzioni migliori, ma gli attaccanti che ogni giorno sviluppano tecniche e metodologie per compromettere i servizi utilizzati da coloro che si difendono per averne un beneficio. Exprivia crede nel valore della condivisione e mette a disposizione i…
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