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2024 – Miei corsi di taglio pratico disponibili presso la ITER srl

Se siete interessati ad uno dei seguenti corsi: Internet of Things (IoT): Privacy e Sicurezza Sicurezza Informatica: vulnerabilità sistema informativo e sito web Data Recovery and Digital Forensics Laboratory Data Breach: gestione degli adempimenti secondo il GDPR Audit tecnico dei Sistemi Informativi Cybersecurity Incident Management visionate il link
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How to Perform a Network Audit

What Is network auditing? Network auditing refers to the process of gathering, analyzing, and studying network data, with the purpose of assessing the network’s health. Network auditing gives businesses insight into how successful their network control and management operations are, particularly regarding both internal and external compliance regulations.  
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A Comprehensive Guide to Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity

Operational technology (OT) cybersecurity references the software, hardware, practices, personnel, and services deployed to protect operational technology infrastructure, people, and data. As data collection and analysis become more important, and as IT and OT converge to enable “big data” initiatives, it has become necessary to reassess cybersecurity best practices for protecting OT. Comprehensive Guide to…
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