Hacker lasciano in piena vista le credenziali di rubate attraverso una campagna di phishing.

Dal noto blog di Checkpoint Cyber-crime is a complex landscape, but when it comes to actually launching cyber-attacks, there are three main techniques that criminals have relied on for decades to help them get around organizations’ defenses and into their networks:  phishing, credentials theft and business email compromise.  According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report, these…
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NIST – Data Integrity Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Events

Executive Summary Data integrity attacks have compromised corporate information including emails, employee records, financial records, and customer data. Destructive malware, ransomware, malicious insider activity, and even honest mistakes all set the stage for why organizations need to quickly recover from an event that alters or destroys data. Businesses must be confident that recovered data is…
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Leonardo S.p.A. Data Breach Analysis

Il ReaQta Threat Intelligence Team ha identificato il malware utilizzato nell'operazione di estrazione dati nella nota vicenda Leonardo S.p.A. pubblicando alcuni contenuti tecnici sul funzionamento del malware utilizzato. Leonardo spa Malware Analysis  
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